Bay windows have always been a popular go-to for many a kitchen build or remodel.  These types of windows allow great access to your exterior views, allow outside light in and also give off the appearance of more room and add counter space.  But is a bay window right for you?  Sometimes thought as cliché or typical, bay windows are not for everyone.  Here are a few pros and cons we have acquired from many experts in the field of bay window installation.

 First things first, COST:

Bay windows are one of the more expensive window installations for kitchens.  While this shouldn’t be a disadvantage as every kitchen needs windows, it can be a determining factor for those who are remodeling or building a new kitchen.  The increased installation costs is largely due in-part to their overall size and the construction requirements to ensure they are level, straight and they can be supported.  Make sure that your contractor understands your budget as well as knows the limitations of your home’s construction and if it can support this type of window.

Once you are good with your budget and have the greenlight for the install, ponder these “Yays” and “Nays” to see if you are ready for this type of install:



Adding Value To Your Home

Bay windows can add a touch of elegance to a home. Whether it is dressed up in Classic Country Kitchen embellishments or tailored and tight for a Modern/Contemporary feel, bay windows are a guaranteed money maker and can often be the determining factor during the purchase process.  Bay windows will also add a little extra square footage to the overall home size, which can also drive up your price.

Adding Space To Your Kitchen

Because bay windows are a protruding type window, they can often add as much as 3 feet to your existing space.  The base of the window can be used as additional counter space for kitchen items, growing your herbs or for more stylish home décor.  Bay windows tend to be wider than a standard window, which can give off the appearance of more depth and width to your kitchen space.

Increased Natural Light/Ventilation

The size of bay windows not only increase the appearance of more space, but they also allow a great deal of natural light into the room.  These window also have top openers that allow for fresh outer air to flow through downward; eliminating direct wind contact while still allowing the air to flow.

What A View!

Bay windows offer panoramic views of your exterior.  Homeowners that have kitchens that face out to wooded or beach areas can benefit greatly from these types of windows.  Bay windows add the perfect framing for you to relax and make the most of your kitchen experiences.



 Structural Challenges

Accuracy is essential when installing bay windows.  The structure above and below them must be supported well throughout the entire installation process.  Steel supports must be used internally as well as while the window is being balanced to measure the exact connection points.  Load bearing bay windows will need to be fully supported both internally within the structure as well as beneath it. Homes often shift and settle as they age, and if the window is not properly installed, this can lead to leaking or worse, full collapse of the window.

 DIY? Not Really

Some window installation projects can be done yourself, or with minimal contractor assistance.  Bay windows are more complicated in that they require precise measurements and a strong knowledge of support beams and weight bearing structures.  If even the smallest miscalculation is made, it can be guaranteed disaster and even more money out of pocket to correct the issues.

 Increased Natural Light:

While you may have just read the positives of how bay windows give you more wonderful natural light, there can be some challenges to this.  If the window is installed with the incorrect type of energy efficient protected glass, it can greatly affect the SHG (Solar Heat Gain).  This can cause the kitchen’s internal temperatures to vary, making your HVAC system work harder than it needs to in the summer months as well as allow heat to escape in the winter months.  While these type of glass is more expensive, the savings in your utility bills will show why it is the right choice.

Hard On Décor

While bay windows offer more space to add your own style to your kitchen area, they can sometimes be difficult to add window treatments to.  Depending on the overall shape or arc of your window, it may be difficult to add blinds or curtains to provide any privacy.  It is always a good idea to have a professional measure and install your window treatments after installation to ensure a perfect fit!


Like any remodel or new construction, it is always a good idea to weigh the pluses and minuses of any change.  What works for one person, may not work for another; this is why it is important to do your homework and really get what you want opposed to what you think will sell better down the line or what your friends suggest.  Remember, this is your home… make the most of it!