Traditional vs Modern

Not all cabinets are created equal. As our times change, our styles update, adapt and develop; transforming our most vivid imaginations into reality. MTD Kitchen is here to help you find the right cabinets for your current or new kitchen. You may hear the terms Traditional and Modern Cabinetry and wonder: What are the differences?



You can’t go wrong with the classics. Traditional cabinetry is alive and well in today’s world of construction. Many of the remodels today are inspired by traditional elements that reach far back into our past. Classic and iconic carvings, pillars, hardware and wood grains evoke a sense of mystery and distinction that can’t be matched. If history has taught us anything, style and fashion is cyclical. What was once “out” is “in” again and setting new standards in design. Traditional Cabinetry is typically designed with a framed substructure. This allows the designer to add ornate designs, carvings and embellishments that enhance the kitchen experience. Often made of hardy woods such as pine, maple and redwood, Traditional Cabinetry brings a feeling of maturity, beauty and a sense of comfort to your home.

Some examples of the Traditional Cabinetry style are:

Mediterranean – This one covers a lot of ground. Pillars, ornate sculpture and vibrant wood grain are just some of the joys of this much in demand style. Be prepared for rich molding designs and organic hardware.

Country – Nothing says tradition like a little country. Clean, solid wood and warm colors are all part of this style. Make your fully modern kitchen look like it came straight out of a western homestead with wood paneling to cover major appliances, ornate and weathered hardware and gorgeous wood stains that scream classic beauty.

Nantucket/Seaside – Feel like you are in the middle of New England with this clean and crisp style. Using neutral colors like gray, white and blue, this style is perfect for those Angelenos living near or on the coast.

Traditional Cabinets are a perfect way to refresh and enhance your current kitchen or a great fresh start in a new one.




Most Modern Cabinetry is constructed without a frame and created from man-made materials such as MDF, plywood or chipboard. These structures are then coated or covered in laminate, various veneer and an assortment of other materials. Modern cabinets evoke a sleek and polished feel with clean lines and an elegant hardware options that help create a kitchen theme. Natural wood finishes or solid, bold colors are a typical trademark of a modern cabinet style. Some Modern cabinetry has no handles or hardware; giving a continuous and flat look. This style is often a space saver as it allows homeowners to have access to the entire storage space. Some modern cabinets utilize glass doors in the place of wood to add warmth, while others use more industrial fixtures and hardware to add and edgy-elegance.

Several subcategories exist within the term “Modern Cabinetry”. Here are a few that are currently trending:

Contemporary – This combination of minimalist décor, block and solid colors with metal accents help add a polished, vibrancy to any kitchen.

European- Style – This style is typically made from all wood and gives your cabinets a warmer, more intimate feel.

Retro – Style – When you go retro, you are in for bold and bright colors with sleek lines and metal accents. Retro puts a modern twist on classic living making your kitchen stand out and your guests to take notice.

Industrial Style – This style often mimics that of commercial grade kitchens. Strong colors like white and black accented by brushed chrome and hardy steel. Open shelving not only gives a powerful aesthetic, but also adds a great deal of storage and functionality.

Modern cabinetry is mostly found in newer homes built today and tends to lend itself to So Cal living. It meets the style and functionality of today’s Angeleno.


Whichever style you choose, MTD Kitchen can help you find the right type of Cabinetry for your kitchen project. We use only the best materials and methods to design, build and install your custom cabinets. We work with your budget and listen to your ideas and needs. Your kitchen is our kitchen, and it is our goal every time to reach perfection.