I’ll let the next Homeowner figure it out

One of the most comments remodeling companies here from homeowners is that they can live without this or function without that to shave some money off the overall bill.  What many don’t understand, is that what you forego today, may impact the selling price of your home tomorrow.  Opting to not install under countertop lighting or a permanent microwave installation could prove costly in the end.  While you may feel you can survive without the convenience…why do that?  Your kitchen should be a place of enjoyment; a place for family to gather and to share.  Why not make the most of it?  Other ways to improve the marketability of your home is to run cable and electrical lines for a future TV installation, island outlets and additional lighting options.  Consider things like universal design principles and ergonomic additions to improve health and mobility when using the space.


Style over Substance

Homeowners will often shoot themselves in the proverbial foot when designing their new kitchen.  They can sometimes find themselves wanting the next popular Minimalist Design fad, but not thinking how this will have an effect on their kitchen’s functionality.  When contemplating your kitchens overall design-flow, it is important to get real and honest with yourself and ask “What do I need most in my kitchen?”  If you have a big family, Minimalist is not for you.  Think carefully about storage and range of motion.  With the newest architectural design concepts, you will be surprised how much storage you can get without looking like a locker room.  Exercise every option and then make it yours!


Bigger Is Always Better…Isn’t It?

You watch Food Network and drool over the chef’s home kitchen as they whip up something delish….but the reality is, what works for them may not work for you.  Big kitchens are great for a huge family or a household that are basically professional dinner partyers; but what about the average American household?  Do 3 people need an 800 square foot kitchen?  Choosing quality over quantity doesn’t just extend to square footage; too many cabinets can give a cluttered or Closter phobic feeling to your space.  Plenty of counter space doesn’t always have to mean a ton of counters.  Space can be made by carefully designing your cabinets and floor space, freeing up your counters for more cooking space.  And any good dinner party thrower won’t let anything stop them; fun comes in all shapes and sizes.


Blah Blah Blah…I Don’t Need A Designer

When remodeling your kitchen, it is always a good idea to keep your design in mind. Certain structures and modifications may be necessary to allow for a certain type of light fixture or window treatment.  All too often homeowners will rely on their contractor or builder to power through without nailing down the exact design element.  Then re-dos and renovations/corrections need to be made making your budget bust.  If you are working with highly communicative and knowledgeable designers like at MTD, you can really risk not having things work out in the end.  Which leads us into the next misconception…..


You Always Make It Fit

Homeowners who don’t ensure their contractor/builder have taken account for their design elements may later have to make major changes to get the kitchen they want.  Other instances may be homeowners who insist on a walk-in pantry or a kitchen island when their available space simply cannot accommodate it.  All too often you have drawers that can’t be fully opened if the oven door is open or if the fridge door is open.  These small miscalculations or oversights can prove annoying and costly.


What The…? But It Looked So Good In My Bestie’s Kitchen!?!

Your best friend invites you over for a little dinner and drinks to celebrate her new kitchen.  It is amazing and you now feel the urge to change yours.  You want it EXACTLY like hers…..but is that a wise choice?  Not really.  There is no shame in the game of kitchen envy or wanting to have something like a friend or family member, but one thing to consider is that just like a great outfit, it may not look good on everyone.  One kitchen in one house with one homeowner could be a style, functional and practical disaster for another.  Really look at your lifestyle, your design taste and your actual space before settling on a design.  And there is nothing wrong pulling a few design elements from those kitchens you love, just make sure it works for you!


Cha Ching! You Have To Break The Bank For Your Dream Kitchen.

Kitchen renovations can be actually be as little and as much as you want.  From small improvements such as hardware replacement and color palette changes to a full tear down and rebuild, a new kitchen is really more affordable than you think.  Per HomeAdvisor: “On average, homeowners report that a kitchen remodel costs $20,301. A smaller project between $10,000 and $15,000 may include painting walls, re-facing cabinets, upgrading the sink, and installing a tile backsplash.  A $30,000+ renovation may include installing custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters, and high-end appliances. Most homeowners spend between $11,424 and $29,178”.  When it comes time to write out your budget, you want to calculate how much money you have to spend.  Cabinets should account for 30-40%, while countertops should be at about 10-15%.  Doors, lighting, painting and windows should be about 21-25% of your budget.  This will leave you about 8-14% for appliances and the rest will be put toward labor.


I’m Sure It Will All Come Out Fine…..

Putting your full trust is something we all want when seeking out service.  We look to professionals to use their best judgement when we are paying them….and rightfully we should.  Sadly this isn’t always the case.  This is why it is a good idea to make sure your design vision is completely CLEAR and that your contractor/builder completely understands what you want.  Open communication is crucial.  When homeowners turn a blind eye or put all their trust in without checking in regularly, they open themselves up to errors, miscalculations and a myriad of other challenges.

Using companies like MTD Kitchen, you have a Design Team that is chomping at the bit to know what you want.  They are helpfully, highly communicative and above all in your corner from the minute you reach out to them.  Be the master of your kitchen destiny, and stay informed and aware of your kitchen build.