Modern Kitchen Remodel

Westwood, LA
Premium Woods Kitchen, Closet & Bath

We needed a remodel for our upgraded new home. We loved something trendy and modern with a touch of Italian but also luxurious & modern. Yuval helped us at the MTD cabinet showroom in Los Angeles, created exactly what I asked for.” 


Yuval Balul


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Project Details

We recently completed a full range of cabinets in the a newly remodeld West Los Angeles home. The kitchen, recreational areas, closets & bathrooms all feature premium woods. 

Our designer chose a modern luxury design with a touch of Italian to compliment the rest of the home’s interior.

This kitchen has contemporary lighting throughout and an accent light hovering over the white Calcatta Borghini back splash that we installed, giving the kitchen an inviting, entertainment vibe.

Here are the products we carry and install 
that are featured in this kitchen:
• Matte black tilt-up cabinets on top
• Quartz countertops in Calcutta Borghini –
waterfall & island.
• Cabinets in Wood Grain texture – Natural
Oak color.
• Full integration of the refrigerator,
cabinet panels with stainless steel handles
to cover it.
• And last, partial integration of the stove
appliances in the pantry

Bathrooms featured
• Bathrooms, Matte Black cabinets
Modern Bathroom Design
Floating Bathroom Sink
Floating Bathroom Sink
Floating Bathroom Sink