The cost of a kitchen remodel can send some homeowners into a panic attack. The time and cost are the biggest stress factors of a remodel. Not quite ready to experience that? Here are a few tips to give your kitchen a little refresh/reboot until you’re ready to take the remodel plunge:


Change the color of your cabinets

Just changing the color or texture of your current cabinets can make a huge difference. You can go Country Chic with a rough white wash or patina sanding or go full boldness with a vibrant color or fun textured paint.


Change or remove your cabinet doors

Whether you replace your cabinet doors with plastic or glass or just completely remove them, this change can often give an instant refresh.  Glass/plastic cabinet doors can give a more modern touch to your kitchen; elevating it and refining it. Remove the doors to give your kitchen a more rustic or country vibe. This will also give the illusion of a lighter space as well as allow you to show off any decorative serving ware you may have.


Create an accent wall with paint

By creating one wall as a focal point, you can completely change the vibe of your kitchen. A quick coat of paint or wall paper can make a huge difference.


Update your kitchen hardware and fixtures1280px-Kitchen_cabinet_hardware_in_2009

Changing the hardware and fixtures in your kitchen is a cost effective way of updating. A simple handle or pull can take your cabinets from drab to fab. New faucets, light fixtures and decorative storage containers can have a huge impact.


Change up your lighting

Drop those drab and lifeless fluorescent kitchen lights for a softer pendant lamp or track lighting. The harshness of overhead fluorescents can really bring the mood down. Changing your lighting can make all the difference.post-1


Make your toaster art!

Your appliances can not only be functional, but they can be fashionable. By swapping out your old countertop appliances with upgraded matching ones, you can start to create a cohesive look for your kitchen. Choose bold colors that can tie in with window treatments and serving linens or go a step further and match your stove and fridge for a complete look.


Hang window treatments

Sometimes it can be a small thing like out-of-date drapes that is bringing your kitchen down. Instead of the old homestead look, go for more modern shades or treated glass that will allow light in while still maintaining privacy.


Find a place for everything

Being organized is a gift two-fold: you can find what you are looking for AND it helps your kitchen look cohesive. My creating a functional working space and putting all your items in a designated place, you will find that your kitchen looks brand new!


Add a rug

Many designers are making rugs that are no longer boring or ugly. Often they had to be durable to withstand water drips and high traffic, but not anymore! Many memory foam rugs are stylish as well as anti-microbial and stain-resistant.


The Backsplash

Backsplashes are a simple way to add texture and depth to your kitchen. Many big box stores sell kits that allow the novice to even install a sweet backsplash. Not only are they decorative, but they are easy to clean and add to the longevity of your kitchen walls.


Change up your countertopWood Kitchen

If you have the budget to do it, you can always swap out your kitchen counter. A new countertop can make a huge difference in an aging kitchen. There are also many man-made materials that look like stone but don’t come with the stone cost.


Stop and smell the roses

Sometimes the simplest of things can make all the difference. Fill your kitchen with fresh floral bouquets to add a level of soft and subtle sophistication and beauty.8610576082_c73abc6a88_z (1)