Linda Kasian Photography-0006If you want to create interiors that are both elegant and dramatic, use two simple and basic colors. A perfect example would be this Kitchen Project we did in Stevenson Ranch, CA for New Look Home Remodeling.

Our VENICE CREME CABINETS and TRADITIONAL NOTTINGHAM SQUARE DOORS AND DRAWERS made a bold visual statement in this kitchen. It is a perfect choice for our customer who doesn’t plan to change their interior design for years. It has a classic style that will never get out of style.

Here are some tips the MTD Kitchen Team would like to share when you’re designing your kitchen in Dark and Light colored cabinets:

TIP 1 If you wanted a contrasting themed kitchen with an entire black and white design, do not make the cabinet colors equal in presence. MAKE ONE SHADE DOMINANT. This would give your kitchen a fresh monochromatic appeal

Two-Tone Kitchen (MTD Kitchen)

This kitchen used predominantly light colored cabinets with our VENICE CREME CABINETS and accented with our TRADITIONAL NOTTINGHAM SQUARE DOORS AND DRAWERS for the island

TIP 2 A monochromatic design works with all tones of grey and of pure shades

Two-Tone Kitchen (MTD Kitchen)

This kitchen matched their monochromatic cabinets with its greenish grey backsplash and light wooden flooring

TIP 3 Matching shades would be a bit tricky for monochromatic kitchens. You may have to choose creatively with your furnitures and appliances

Two-Tone Kitchen (MTD Kitchen)

This kitchen for example used black chairs to give an elegant accent to the white table

TIP 4 You may build layers and also soften any harshness to a monochromatic kitchen by adding accents of any glossy, matte, opaque and/or dense finish

TIP 5 The trick is to surround something plain with patterns to create an informal feel

Two-Tone Kitchen (MTD Kitchen)

The featured kitchen used this trick through their chosen tiles.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!