There is no right or wrong when it comes to wanting a remodel.  Sometimes a change is needed for a fresh start and sometimes there are structural reasons to do the redo.  Take a look at the top reasons for a remodel to see if you are on the right track.


Keeping Current

With each passing season, a new kitchen trend or design pops up.  From Shabby Chic and its variations to the constant rebirth of the sleek and modern, a kitchen’s design is crucial to its overall success.  Being current in the new efficient appliances, functional innovations and color trends should be the focus of any homeowner that frequently entertains or just wants to stay on-top of the kitchen design game.kitchens-2


A Need for Efficient Change

Décor is not the only thing that can go out of date in your kitchen.  An outdated layout and appliances can cause a loss of functional efficiency as well as energy efficiency.  Outdated appliances may draw more power or natural resources and a bad layout can cause you to add minutes to hours to your basic of tasks.  Scope out the newest and most energy efficient appliances while you create a layout that suit your lifestyle.

Cash Money

Increase Your Home’s worth

Financial incentives like better energy and time efficiency are great reasons for a remodel, but probably one of the most popular reasons is to increase your home’s value.  By making smart kitchen design choices that increase functionality and overall design, you can add thousands of dollars to the overall price of your home.  As long as you don’t make your personal touches too OG, you can make it more appealing when it comes time to move on to another home.  Updated countertops and appliances are usually the tipping point for most buyers.


Going Through Changes

There are many changes in your life that can lead to the need for a kitchen remodel.  Changes like personal tastes, new family additions or kids growing up or leaving the nest and other lifestyle changes are one of the top reasons for a remodel.  If you are newly single or your kids have finally left home, you may want a kitchen that reflects your lifestyle.  Personal tastes can change often, so it is a good idea to find a design that you can live with aesthetically as well as functionally.


Out With the Old and In With the Fabulous

Time can be rough on the best of us, and your kitchen is not immune from it.  Older kitchens often have outdated and inefficient appliances, oddly placed entry and storage points, energy zapping out of date windows and a tired décor.  Homeowners can sometimes feel overwhelmed as to where they should start the remodel process.  It is a good idea to take into consideration your needs, budget and what will give your kitchen the best longevity.


Give a Boost To The Environment AND Yourself!

Not only do you want a kitchen to look great, but you want to start reducing your carbon footprint.  There are many ways during the remodeling process you can make smart choices that will help in reducing energy need as well as promote sustainable living.  Energy efficient appliances, structural design that promotes energy savings as well as time savings are just a few things that can make a kitchen eco-friendly.  You are saving the environment as well as keeping money in your pocket with reduced utility bills.

Bodhi leaves


Keep it Clean

Remodeling your kitchen for newer appliances and better functionality also means easier maintenance.  Making a kitchen flow well and with limited nooks and crannies can make it easier to keep clean.  Better cleanliness and easier maintenance ensures longevity of your kitchen and the appliances within it.  Save time on polishing with treated wood surfaces and streak-free appliances.



Dream A Little Dream of A Sweet Kitchen

How about this reason: You want your dream kitchen.  If you have always dreamed of a fully functional kitchen island, a walk in pantry or a professional grade range and oven…do it!  You can achieve a dream kitchen in so many ways.  Even if you have some big dreams, companies like MTD are skilled at making them come true while staying within your budget.