Remodeling your kitchen  is probably going to be one of the bigger projects in your home so you want to make sure that you get every detail just right. One of the first things that you have to do for this to happen is hire the right contractor. Of course every contractor is going to try and portray themselves in the best possible light when you hire them. This means that it is up to you to know the warning signs of a bad kitchen contractor. If you see any of the following it is best to move on and find a new kitchen remodeling contractor.

• The amount of money that they ask you for will tell you a big deal about the kind of contractor they are. Usually, contractors ask for about 15% of the total cost of the project to get things started and this is fine – in fact, legally they are allowed to ask for 33%. If, however, the contractor asks for something like 50% they are not to be trusted. You should also get estimates on the total cost the remodel from 2 or 3 other contractors before you get started so that you can have a fair idea of the going rates for a kitchen remodel.

MTD Kitchen in Hollywood California and LA• It is very important that your contractor buy high quality materials – you will otherwise need to remodel your kitchen again before long. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor where they buy materials; look online to find out the quality of supplies they provide. This includes all cabinets and handles.

• How prompt are they to come to work and what time do they finish the day? It is true that all contractors are free to set their own hours but it is in their interest as well as that of their clients to work longer hours. It allows them to complete projects faster and move to new ones and it makes clients happy when their projects are finished quickly. Your contractor should be at your site by around 9 in the morning and leave after 3 in the afternoon.

• A good contractor always makes sure that his work site is clean at the end of the day. He will make sure to clean up all debris and store work tools safely. If this is not happening you should probably hire a new contractor.

• You should never hire a contractor who doesn’t have insurance for himself and his employees; if they get hurt on the job you could be held liable.

For residents of North Hollywood, one kitchen remodel contractor that comes highly recommended is MTD Kitchen. They have a 24 hour turnaround design time and they are fast and professional.