Wood Kitchen

Thinking about using natural wood for your next kitchen remodel or new build?


Cherry woods are a very versatile and soft type of wood. This makes them easy to work with and integrate into many styles of kitchens.  Unlike Oak, Cherry has a unique quality that over time when exposed to direct sunlight, they turn from a lighter color to a more rich and deep red.  This allows all the natural variances and hues appear, giving it character and life.

While it is a softer texture wood, it is a very durable wood. They are not only elegant, but they can withstand exposure to elements such as water and maintain longevity.  These are all reasons it is one of the top most requested woods for cabinetry construction.


Oak not only has a natural beauty about it, it is one of the most easily obtained wood species. Oaks can be found all over the world.  They are a versitile wood in that they are beautiful in their natural state and take to finishes, stains and paints easily.  Being that it is also a durable wood, Oak is a go-to building material.

If you are looking for that deep grain wood look, Oak is the best choice. The deep grooves capture stains and finishes, adding depth and life to the material.  Oak can go classic or more contemporary – shabby chic.


Hickory evokes a sense of elegance and our history.   This vastly abundant wood has many different sub-species that offer an assortment of hues and textures.  Easy to locate and cultivate, Hickory is a hearty and strong wood that is perfect for large furniture, doors and cabinetry.

Hickory’s hues come in an array of colors ranging from shades of white to deep dark reds and browns. The wood has irregular and lines and veins that lends to a very unique end product.  Hickory is another wood that takes well to stains and finishes.


Nothing matches the aroma of Pine. Also another very cultivated wood, Pine is a very popular choice for more rural and country home owners.  It evokes a sense of mountain-life or a rustic ambiance.  The more Pine ages and distresses, the more interesting it becomes.  This is why it is used in English, French or American country themed furniture and kitchens.

Pine’s natural yellow hue is what gives this wood that rustic appeal. Pine takes to stains and finishes and is one of the most affordable woods. The only major drawback to this wood type, is that it can be easily nicked. It is important to use Pine with the right applications.


Using Maple for any kitchen cabinetry, accents or doors is a great idea. It is a solid wood that is a carpenter’s dream.  It is an easily adaptable wood in that it can take any on any color and still keep its pristine wood grain look.

Much of the Maple Wood stock is manufactured in Asia because this is where the most Maple trees are found in one area. Because the processing plant is close to the source, many manufacturers are able to export and the wood is often offered at wholesale prices.  This makes it more cost-effective for a construction or remodel company as they have the quantity and the quality for the installation; keeping the costs down for the consumer in the end.

So, now the big question is: Do I go with Natural Wood?

While their cost may be a bit higher than some more unconventional materials, natural woods are durable and beautiful. For practicability purposes, natural woods can be better because of their ability to adapt to their surroundings.  Homeowners who live in high humidity may experience some warpage with any wood over time.  There are natural woods that can sustain their quality in these types of environments better than others or even man-made and synthetic materials.

Or maybe it is just that natural wood, in some way connects us back to our ancient roots; where man used what was around him to build his empire and take control of his destiny…..whatever the reason, it is undeniable that natural wood is a big part of any home.

What’s your flavor?