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* Price based on 20LF of cabinets, two pieces of granite pre-fab.

Packages Includes:

FREE Crown Molding

FREE Granite Back Splash

FREE Stainless Steel Sink

We Sell And Install:

Stylish & Durable Kitchen Cabinets, Counter Tops, Back Splashes, Hoods, Sinks, and Handles

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Maximize Your New Kitchen with Free Design Services

Our design experts are some of the best in the business, and their committment to beautiful kitchens means you can feel confident in your decisions.  Best of all? Our design services are totally free – just reach out or visit our showroom to get started. 

Customized Organization

MTD will keep your project focused, even when you might be too busy to do it yourself. We stay the course and keep the process moving at all times.  We apply our expertise to your project to keep communication between our design team and warehouse air-tight, leaving little room for error. You can be confident that when you choose MTD, you are choosing the utmost in quality materials, design aesthetics and customer service. Your satisfaction is a driving force in everything we do here at MTD.

Easy to Clean

Our materials and varnishes have been developed to withstand most stains and scratches so it can be easily cleaned. Often times, low-quality wood is treated with chemicals that can react to basic commercial cleaners or even plain water.  We have worked hard to develop materials that can be easily cleaned and maintained to ensure the longevity of your new living space.  Products made by MTD are built to last and withstand the wear and tear of real life.

Healthy Kitchen

What do we mean by the term “Healthy Kitchen”? A healthy kitchen is one in which the materials and methods of installation are free of harmful carcinogens – in addition to always being sturdy and durable. MTD uses FSC-Certified wood materials to help reduce any toxic fumes from varnishes, paints, and glues often used to build a kitchen. We offer solid wood options as well as wood veneer, all FSC-Certified. Strength and durability is crucial in helping eliminate leaks or avoiding open invitations to unwanted pests.

Plywood Construction

The word “Plywood” doesn’t mean weak or flimsy anymore, and MTD is here to prove that plywood isn’t what it used to be.  We never compromise the quality of ANY job to save money, and that’s because we don’t have to! We manufacture our own materials at our own millhouse, which means we can control the strength, durability and flexibility of the wood used in our projects. Our careful attention to detail, along with our commitment to excellence, is why our first-time customers turn into repeat customers. Let us show you what plywood can really do!

No Middlemen

MTD’s commitment excellent service is paralleled only by our commitment to low prices and huge savings for our customers! Traditional big box business models involve huge overhead to cover everything from large inventory storage costs to paying the supplier and manufacturer. By manufacturing our materials on demand in our own millhouse, we’re able to cut out the middleman – which translates into low markup and low overhead.  Our prices can’t be beat and we won’t be undersold.

Raise Home Value

While not every home improvement can lead to increased home value, a thoughtful and strategically planned kitchen is a surefire way to ensure that your remodel will raise your ROI! MTD has been in the business long enough to know what additions and designs help to improve your living space and drive up the value of your home. We can help you make customized changes to your kitchen that will raise your ROI while also using materials such as stone countertops that appeal to a broad audience. MTD can guarantee that you will enjoy your kitchen and if you decide to sell, future buyers will feel the same way!





* Price based on 20LF of cabinets, two pieces of granite pre-fab.

Packages Includes:

FREE Crown Molding

FREE Granite Back Splash

FREE Stainless Steel Sink


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